Servant Leadership Committed to Delivering Results for Our Community

My name is Rebeca Mendoza. At the age of 5, my family migrated from Mexico City and since that time, I’ve called Evanston home. I attended District 65 schools and graduated from ETHS, class of 1998 and proud Wild kit. I hold a dual bachelor from University of Michigan in Psychology & Women Studies and a Masters in Psychology from National Louis University. I have worked for Family Focus Inc., McGaw YMCA, Y.O.U., and District 65. I currently work as a Regional Grants Officer for Rotary International and serve as a member of the D65 School Board.


I call myself a professional volunteer and over the years I am proud of my service with Project SOAR mentoring program, Evanston Arts Council, Book & Breakfast, and most recently with the COVID 19 Non-profit Leader Group and NU's Racial Equity/Community Partnership Grant Advisory Committee. I am also a founding member of Evanston Latinos and currently serve as President.

My passion for service was fomented through my upbringing in Evanston. My education and experiences helped to form my identity. Evanston is where I had my daughter who is bicultural, bilingual now herself a Wildkit. Those of us who grew up here know from our own experiences that Evanston is a great place for children. I am proud to live in a city with organizations and grassroots groups that are working to support our youth & families. Most recently, through the pandemic, I have seen our community show up to protect one another and provide mutual aid.

Working for Rotary International has afforded me the opportunity to assist in the management of humanitarian grants in six areas of focus that range from basic education & literacy to community economic development. I am most grateful for my work in Uganda & Tanzania where over the last 6 years I approved over 250 grants valuing over 20 million USD. Many lives and communities have been changed because of this work.  These experiences have taught me compassion, resourcefulness, and awareness.


I am most inspired by the youth of our community and seek to improve the lives of families like yours and mine. I have seen Evanston grow in its strengths but it has not come without its challenges. Our landscape is changing, our neighborhoods are changing, the world around us is changing. How will we respond so that future generations can benefit from the values which make Evanston unique while adapting to these changes and make sure no one is left out? Because of this pandemic we all now share a collective trauma experience. We cannot go back to business as usual or try to rebuild our systems as they were. Covid has provided us the opportunity to reflect on things and to reconsider what we do, how we do it, and why we do it.

I have been dedicated to the 5th Ward for many years and promise to continue to serve our community by advocating for COVID-19 response and recovery, racial equity and healing, community wellness, economic development, and affordable housing.

I am energetic, humble, authentic, and a remarkable servant leader. Success is my priority and it would be my pleasure to serve as 5th Ward Alderman. For the next months, I hope to hear your stories and learn how I can best serve you.


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